Snapshot of Money Available from Online Colleges

What kinds of college-sponsored aid can you expect from online colleges? Here are just a few examples of the money some of the larger online programs make available:

  • Kaplan University’s tuition reduction initiatives include scholarships up to $12,750 and grants from corporate partners. Other discount programs provide assistance to returning Kaplan alumni and international students, as well as current and former military servicemembers and their spouses.
  • The University of Phoenix offers multiple scholarships to prospective and current students, and the school often works with nonprofit partners to provide additional funding options. Institutional scholarships of up to $10,000 and grants of up to $1,500 are also available to eligible students.
  • Walden University advertises over $1 million in total scholarships based on academic program and level of study. The “Commitment to Higher Education Leadership” scholarships are just one example, providing three $25,000 awards.
  • Penn State World Campus provides multiple scholarship opportunities specifically to online students. World Campus students can also compete for the same funding resources available to Penn State campus-based students.
  • Arizona State University Online’s scholarship programs include options for Arizona high school graduates, as well as for students interested in the history, philosophy and religious studies programs.

If you are interested in applying for school-sponsored funding, contact a financial aid advisor or click here to find out more about eligibility requirements and application deadlines.


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